Where Can I Buy A Spurtle

Are spurtles worth it?

Works really great at scraping bits off the bottom of the pot as well as for crumbling ground beef. I use the smaller spurtle for stove top cooking, as it doesn't scratch the surface of my ceramic or teflon pans. They are both very thick and very well made; I expect they will last a long time, despite daily use!

Whats the best wood for a spurtle?

  • The best overall. These are made of 100% beech wood.
  • The best traditional. This type of spurtle also works well for stirring doughs and mixing batter.
  • The best silicone. Unlike wooden options, this one can go right in the dishwasher.
  • The best bamboo. These are also available in two- and three-piece sets.
  • The best colorful.
  • Where are Lucinda's kitchen spurtles made?

    Handmade in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, our spurtles are made from a solid piece of locally sourced black cherry. Our large spurtles are 12" long which is the ideal size for most cooking applications.

    Are spurtles dishwasher safe?

    Dishwasher Safe - Clean-up can't get any easier! The non-stick, heat resistant, silicone material means Mad Hungry Spurtles are a breeze to clean. Toss them in the dishwasher for a no-hassle wash.

    Are spurtles made in China?

    All of our kitchenware products are designed and made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. If you're looking for the complete collection, check out our Handmade Spurtle Set.

    How many spurtles have been sold?

    Spurtle Special Offer - Official Website. OVER 10 MILLION SOLD WORLDWIDE!

    How do you cook with spurtles?

    To avoid sticking and burning in your pot, use the spurtle to stir your recipe frequently. The shape of the spurtle is perfect for getting the bottom, sides and the corner of the pot while you stir. According to legend, a spurtle should be held with the right hand and you should stir in a clockwise direction!

    What does spurtle stand for?

    chiefly Scotland. : a wooden stick for stirring porridge.

    How do you clean a spurtle?

    DO wash the utensils in hot soapy water fairly quickly after use. DON'T let the utensils sit in water to soak for extended periods of time. DO pat the utensils dry with a cloth and let air dry. DO rub with a slice of lemon and let air dry if any strong flavors have seeped into the wood.

    Who owns spurtle?

    But you don't have to win a competition or be a gourmet cook to own a spurtle, you just need to pop into Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukie, or if you happen to be in the Medford area, you could visit Tim Cebulla, who makes the spurtles.

    Is acacia wood the same as teak?

    The main difference between acacia and teak is that acacia has much lower natural oil content—and thus lower density. Teak can last for decades even untreated, but acacia will need some protective treatment to get your money's worth. That being said, the amount of money you can save by choosing acacia is considerable.

    Why is it called a spurtle?

    However, the tool he called a spurtle looked more like a wooden spoon with the contour of a spatula. Thanks to the flat surface area, Kerr used it for more than just cooking porridge, like stirring melted marshmallows for Rice Krispies treats.

    What kind of wood are spurtles made from?

    Spurtles are made from wood, typically beech, cherry wood, or maple. They come in a range of sizes. Traditional spurtles have stylized thistles at the top, while modern ones often have a smooth taper. The custom is that a spurtle should be used to stir in a clockwise direction with the right hand.

    What can I use for spurtles?

    A spurtle is used for stirring to keep oats from tearing apart or being crushed. Over the centuries, the shape of the cooking tool evolved into a round stick-like tool used for making porridge. The stick style of spurtle resembles a spoon without the traditional bowl area on the end for scooping or stirring.

    What do you do for spurtles?

    The Scottish use their spurtle to flip oatcakes and stir porridge (the national food of Scotland), but you can use your spurtles in so many ways! These unique wood utensils are the new rage but it is diffcult to find solid wood spurtles like our's. Use them to saute, stir fry and turn steaks.

    How do you use Scottish spurtles?

    Are spurtles machine washable?

    You are supposed to hand-wash the wooden versions, but — ahem — I have washed these in the dishwasher with no ill effects.

    When should you throw away wooden spoons?

    Though their ability to limit the spread of germs means wood products are safer to use over a longer period than their plastic counterparts, they don't last forever. According to The Kitchn, you can tell it's time to toss your wood utensils and cutting boards as soon as cracks start to appear.

    Should you wash wooden spoons in the dishwasher?

    Wooden utensils, bowls, cutting boards, etc., should never go into your dishwasher. When wood is exposed to such high heat and moisture for a long washing cycle, it can warp, splinter and eventually break. Instead, wash wood items by hand using warm, soapy water and dry them with a towel right away.

    Are Acacia spurtles dishwasher safe?

    I was gifted these for Christmas. They didn't have a smell. But, they will soak up odors from being left in the sink. Wood should not be left in water and to preserve the wood, should not be put into the dishwasher.

    How do you treat wood spurtles?

    Instead, hand wash your spoons (or any wooden utensil, really, including silicone spatulas with wooden handles) with soap and warm water; then, ideally, dry with a towel instead of letting it air dry-you're probably getting the message that moisture is the enemy here.

    Is teak a good wood for kitchen utensils?

    Teak wood is suitable for cooking utensils because they are easy to clean, and you do not need to put effort into washing it as they are generally designed to use on non-stick kitchenware.

    Who makes the original spurtle?

    Crate Collective
    Color Bamboo
    Material Bamboo
    Brand Crate Collective
    Number of Pieces 4

    How do you use a slotted spurtle?

    Do wooden spoons hold bacteria?

    Wooden utensils are also among the best tools to be used on nonstick cookware, as they won't scratch the coating like metal utensils might. When they're made, most wooden spoons, utensils and cutting boards are treated with mineral oils, which creates an inert, neutral surface that will not allow bacteria to reside.

    Should you oil wooden utensils?

    Every now and then you should give your wooden kitchen utensils a coat of oil. This will form a protective yet flexible barrier that will help to control the wood's natural desire to fluctuate its moisture content.

    Can you get mold out of wooden spoons?

    Dry wooden pieces immediately with a dish towel, to prevent moisture accumulating in the wood and creating mold. For extra cleaning power, occasionally rinse the wooden pieces with white distilled vinegar to kill germs, bacteria and mold, or you can rub half a lemon across the utensils to disinfect, as well.

    Is acacia wood expensive?

    What is this? For hardwood floors, acacia wood is a moderately expensive option that is less common than oak or maple and less expensive than teak. For furniture, the high strength and durability of acacia – as long as it's kept in the right conditions – make it a wise choice.

    How much does acacia wood cost?

    Leading acacia flooring brands and prices include: Solid hardwood flooring: TAS Flooring, Mazama and US Floors with prices from $3.00 to $8.00 per square foot.

    Is acacia wood waterproof?

    Acacia wood is a dense wood which makes it both highly durable and water resistant. These are both ideal qualities to have for heavily used furniture and cabinets that are frequently used and come into contact with water.

    The Spurtle is a traditional Scottish utensil. The Scottish use their spurtle to flip oatcakes and stir porridge (the national food of Scotland), but you can use your spurtles in so many ways!

    Dishwasher Safe - Clean-up can't get any easier! The non-stick, heat resistant, silicone material means Mad Hungry Spurtles are a breeze to clean. Toss them in the dishwasher for a no-hassle wash.

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