Radha Krishna Statue

Which Krishna statue can be kept at home?

Cow & Calf Statue

This statue is important as per Hindu mythology, as a cow represents all the Gods of Hinduism. Secondly, Lord Krishna loved butter, milk, butter and all other dairy products that a cow produces, so do keep a statue at home.

Can we Gift Radha Krishna idol?

Yes, you can give a gift related to God like Laddu Gopal, Ganeshji, or a couple of pictures of Radha-Krishna to such a person who can take care of them with respect. But don't give it to a person who doesn't do it at all. '

What does Radha Krishna symbolize?

In the bhakti (devotional) movement of Vaishnavism, the female, Radha, is sometimes interpreted as symbolizing the human soul and the male, Krishna, as symbolizing God.

Can we keep 2 Krishna idol at home?

No more than two idols or pictures of Ganesha should be kept in the house of worship. Otherwise, it is not auspicious. There can be two pictures of a god in two different places of the house.

Is it good to keep Radha Krishna photo at home?

According to Vastu Shastra, apart from the bedroom, if you have a Radha Krishna painting on the wall opposite to the main entrance can keep all the tensions away and prevent any issues that might occur in your married life.

Can we keep Krishna with flute statue at home?

Keeping the flute in the house gets rid of many types of Vastu defects. In Vastu Shastra today, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to tell you about how auspicious it is to keep a flute in the house. We all know the flute is dear to Lord Shri Krishna. Therefore, he always keeps the flute with him.

Can we keep Krishna idol in Tulsi plant?

All devout women worship the Tulsi plant with flowers, garlands and milk assuming Lord Krishna to be present on it on this auspicious day. A small idol of Krishna is also kept near the Tulsi plant.

Who was Radha in her previous birth?

While Radha was Krishna's wife in his previous birth, an incident narrates that she once saw Lord Krishna sitting in the park with Virja, another of his wives then.

Is Radha Krishna story true?

As per Hindu scriptures, Radha is considered as the complete incarnation of Mahalakshmi. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even him. Therefore, she is the supreme goddess of all and together they are called as Radha-Krishna.

Radha Krishna
Sanskrit transliteration rādhā-kṛṣṇa

Is Radha Krishna serial true?

RadhaKrishn is an Indian Hindi-language Hindu mythological television drama series that was premiered on 1 October 2018 on Star Bharat and is also digitally available on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is based on the life of Hindu deities Radha and Krishna.

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Which god idol can be gifted for marriage?

It is believed that if someone gives the idol of Lord Ganesha as a gift in the marriage of his daughter, then along with the Lakshmi of the house, Ganesh also leaves the house. Whenever you buy Ganpati to keep in the house, make sure that the face of the idol should be left looking.

Can we gift Lord Krishna?

Yes, they can act as a token of blessing as well. You can gift Radha Krishna paintings or various kinds of Krishna paintings to achieve both the objectives.

In which direction should we keep Radha Krishna painting?

Radha Krishna Painting

The painting depicts pure love and can increase harmony among two people residing together. Make sure you hang the painting in the southwest direction of the room.

How can we worship Radha Krishna at home?

You need to put a Lord Krishna murti or image at the center of the altar in a large deep container. Arrange a puja plate with water to sprinkle, kumkum powder, sandalwood paste, incense, aarti lamp and flowers. Arrange another plate with sattvic foods and fruit, water to drink and more flowers.

Can we keep Krishna Arjuna chariot painting at home?

The painting depicting Lord Krishna leading Arjuna's chariot is said to bring innumerable tragedies and ill luck to the household that owns it.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

Natraj is considered to be the Rudra form of Lord Shiva, that is, the angry incarnations of Lord Shiva. Therefore, the idol of Natraj should not be kept in the house. This causes unrest in the house. The idol of sun god Shani Dev should also be avoided in keeping the worship in the house.

Can god idols face south?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. Never face the idol or picture of God towards the north, otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south.

Which god idols should be kept at home?

The idols of gods that need to be kept in the north, facing the south direction are Ganesh, Durga, and Kuber. Surya, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, must be placed on the east facing the west. So, it is essential to check if the gods in the mandir face the right direction in home when designing a puja room.

Can we put family photos on south wall?

If you want to place pictures of your late ancestors in your home, place them only on the Southern walls. Pictures and paintings depicting evil, loneliness and grief should not be hanged on the walls of your home. It is believed that these paintings bring a negative effect on the family.

Where should we keep Radha Krishna idol at home?

The idol is most effective when it is placed in the Northeast corner of the home. You'll want to face the statue either East to West, or West to East, but never North to South. Similar to the Feng Shui rules, this placement shows the most respect for the Krishna statue and allows the energy to remain good.

What should be hanged on south wall?

Best Direction For Family Picture As Per Vastu

The family pictures should always be put on the walls in the South direction, West direction, or Southwest direction of your home.

What does Krishna look like?

The figure of Lord Krishna is depicted as having blue or blue-black skin. He holds a flute (bansuri) and sometimes accompanied by a cow or cowherd. Krishna is also known by many other names, such as Govinda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva and Mukunda.

What does Krishna's flute represent?

Krishna is the ideal of divine love, the God of love. And the divine love expresses itself by entering into man and filling his whole being. Therefore the flute is the human heart, and a heart which is made hollow will become a flute for the God of love to play upon.

Why flute is dear to Krishna?

If some people take Krishna's flute tone as krishna played it it is their choice because thay can feel krishna in that tone. whatever flute tone make you feel that krishna is beside you is the tone that krishna actually will play for you. whatever flute tone that is being played is playing by krishna in his flute.

Who was Tulsi in previous birth?

During her previous birth, Tulsi was a woman named Vrinda (Brinda), who was married to a demon named Jalandhar (a great devotee of Lord Vishnu). But he had grown so greedy and vengeful that he waged wars and created ruckus in the Devaloka.

Why Tulsi is dear to Krishna?

Sacred Plant

According to some mythological story, it was said that Tulasi is actually an ardent lover of Krishna whom Radha has cursed to be a plant. Hindus believe that every house that has Tulasi plant is a place of pilgrimage and death can never enter.

Why did Krishna marry Tulsi?

As per a blessing by Vishnu to marry Vrinda in her next birth, Vishnu – in form of Shaligram - married Tulsi on Prabodhini Ekadashi. To commemorate this event, the ceremony of Tulsi Vivah is performed.

Did Goddess Radha have a child?

Radha's life in Vrindavan took a drastic turn after Krishna left. She was forced by her mother to marry a man. In fact, they had a child together.

Did Radha Rani have periods?

In Jamu, Radha's village in western Nepal, her status is lower than a dog's, because she is menstruating. She is only 16, yet, for the length of her period, Radha can't enter her house or eat anything but boiled rice.

Why did Ayan marry Radha?

Radha gets married to Ayan despite being emotionally broken. Later, Krishna feels devastated after Radha leaves.

Is Radha a God?

Radha (Sanskrit: राधा, IAST: Rādhā), also called Radhika, is a Hindu goddess and a chief consort of the god Krishna. She is worshiped as the goddess of love, tenderness, compassion and devotion.

Does Radha exist?

Originally Answered: Does Radha exist? Jai SiyaRam! Indeed, She is the soul of Lord Krishna, She is The incarnation of Mata sita, along with other wives of Lord Krishna.

Where is Krishna buried?


Bhalka Tirtha
Affiliation Hinduism
District Gir Somnath
Deity Krishna his Death
Governing body Shree Somnath Trust of Gujarat

What is Radha real name?

Mallika Singh is an Indian television actress. She is famous for her portrayal of the role of 'Radha' in Star Bharat's Hindu mythological serial 'RadhaKrishn' (2018).

In which episode Radha knows her past?

RadhaKrishn - Watch Episode 211 - Radha Remembers Her Identity on Disney+ Hotstar. This content is currently not available in your region.

What is the TRP of Radha Krishna serial?

It's on 3rd position in All India( Urban + Rural ) with 13017 impressions and 5th position in Rural ratings with 6591 impressions. It's not in top 5 urban shows but if you subtract rural ratings from all India ratings it's 6426 which is 2.9 TRP. It will definitely be in top 10 Urban show.

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    Can we give Lakshmi photo as gift?

    Though it is good to bring the idols of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi at home it is not considered suitable to gift someone else, not likely to a family member and relative. It signifies that you are redirecting the God & Goddess away from your home.

    Which god statue is good for shop?

    One thing that can be done is place two statues of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of the shop. Make sure that the idols are facing opposite each other with their backs connected. Lord Ganesha's vision is that of providing wealth and prosperity which can help in the growth of your business.

    Can we gift Ganesha painting?

    Ganesha paintings and idols not only make an auspicious gifting option, but they can also be used to accentuate the visual and spiritual appeal of your home.

    How can I make Bal Gopal at home?

    A lamp along with incense sticks is lit in front of the lord which is believed to be auspicious and spread positivity at home. This ritual is performed in almost every Hindu Home twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to spread positivity and destroy all negativity present at home.

    Can we keep Radha Krishna statue at home?

    How should you place the Radha Krishna Pital Murti at home to get the most benefit? Vastu indicates that Puja Room or Mandir should be kept in the northeast direction. Accordingly, it is safe to keep any idol in this direction.

    Is peacock painting good for home?

    According to Vastu Shastra, having a peacock painting in your home or office brings you a lot of success and power in your life and career. Peacock painting is also a symbol of speed, vitality, and strength, so it is often displayed in the office for an early job promotion.

    But where should they be hung? According to Vastu, Radha Krishna paintings or images can be kept in the living room and bedrooms. The best direction or place to hang the paintings is the north-east direction of your room. It is an ideal direction to hang paintings of any deities.

    No more than two idols or pictures of Ganesha should be kept in the house of worship. Otherwise, it is not auspicious. There can be two pictures of a god in two different places of the house.

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