Nutcracker Christmas Tree Topper

How do you decorate a Christmas tree with a nutcracker?

Does a Christmas tree need a tree topper?

No tree, even those perfectly coiffed with your favorite ornaments, is complete without a Christmas tree topper. So, before you place your expertly wrapped Christmas presents under the tree, consider some of our best Christmas tree topper ideas. And yes, they even work for your favorite faux trees.

What is the traditional Christmas tree topper?

A tree-topper or treetopper is a decorative ornament placed on the top (or "crown") of a Christmas tree. Tree-toppers can take any form, though the most common include a star (representing the Star of Bethlehem), finial, angel ("Christmas angel"), or fairy.

What is the significance of Christmas tree topper?

Because angels appeared high in the sky on the first Christmas, people began placing angels high on the top of their trees as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

How do you make a big Nutcracker?

Where are Kurt Adler nutcrackers made?

Steinbach Nutcrackers BIG Lumberjack 17 Inches Tall Kurt Adler Brand New Hand Made in Germany.

Are tree toppers necessary?

Some people like to add it before any ornaments, while others save the Christmas tree topper as a ceremonial ending to the treasured holiday tradition of trimming the tree. No matter when you choose to top your tree, you need a topper that matches your holiday style.

What does angel tree topper mean?

Because angels appeared high in the sky on the first Christmas, people began placing angels high on the top of their trees as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Does the Plaza have a different tree topper every year?

This one had a great setting (The Plaza in New York) and an interesting premise to hang the romance on. Jessica is at the iconic hotel to put together a history of Christmas at the Plaza and finds a theme in the fact that the Christmas tree every year at the Plaza has a different custom made tree topper.

What's the most common tree topper?

Angels, they far outweigh all other Christmas tree toppers.

How do I choose a tree topper?

Shape of the Tree

When choosing your Christmas tree topper, check that it complements the style and symmetry of your tree. A star or angel tree topper is a great match for a full-shaped Christmas tree, while an elongated tree topper suits the slender profile of a narrow or slim tree.

How do you place a tree topper?

What is a finial topper?

Finial meaning: a distinctive ornament at the apex of a roof, pinnacle, canopy, or similar structure in a building or an ornament at the top, end, or corner of an object.

Are toy soldiers and nutcrackers the same?

The term "wooden toy soldier" differentiates this type of nutcracker from the other types. We call it a nutcracker if it has a handle in the back that opens the mouth, even if it is too small to actually crack a nut. Parts of the wooden toy soldier are turned on a lathe, as versus the intricate hand carved design.

How do you make a nutcracker soldier?

How do you make a real nutcracker?

How much is my Steinbach nutcracker worth?

Even with prices ranging between $220 and $275 for each wood doll, more than 200 Steinbach nutcrackers were sold when the 78-year-old German appeared for a signing at the Pine Cone Christmas Shop.

What is the real story behind the Nutcracker?

The story of The Nutcracker is loosely based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann fantasy story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, about a girl who befriends a nutcracker that comes to life on Christmas Eve and wages a battle against the evil Mouse King.

Are German nutcrackers worth money?

Collectible nutcrackers can range in value from the store bought version for about $125 to the collectors type dating from the 16th Century commanding upwards of $5,000. These objects are decorative, historical and vastly interesting.

Do you put tree topper on first or last?

If you're using a star, angel, etc. for the top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks a little below it by adding 3 long spikey picks. If you aren't using anything else on top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks slightly down from the top.

Who puts the star on the top of the Christmas tree?

A star or an angel is the most common Christmas tree-topper—but why? Originally, the infant Jesus adorned the top of Christmas trees. However, this trend later evolved to a star or an angel, which are both significant Christian symbols in the Nativity of Jesus.

What's the official name for a tree topper?

Decorative Christmas ornament tree-toppers (treetoppers or finials) have their origin in the Victorian era, when Christmas trees became popular in England.

What is the name of Audrey's best friend and business partner in holiday for heroes?

Early on, after Audrey tells her partner and friend Jade that she is falling for Matt and worries that he will get deployed, she responds with some advice, based on her own experience of being married to a soldier: “You can't live in the what-if's.

Who owns The Plaza in NYC?

What size tree topper do I need for a 4 ft tree?

5-6 inches: mini to 4 foot trees. This is a perfect fit for short trees that are not too wide. Max suggested is 5/6 foot trees that are narrow or pencil, this creates a subtle, appropriate fit. 6-7 inches: 5 – 7 foot trees.

Do Prelit trees have a plug for a topper?

It's a regular plug like the one that comes at the end of a string of lights. I have a prelit tree myself, so what I did is unplug the top 2 parts of the tree, plus the star into the middle section and then plug the top section to the star plug.

How do you anchor a Christmas tree topper?

Insert one end of the stick into the topper's base and hold the longer end straight against the top tree branch. Secure the stick to the base and tree using pipe cleaners, floral wire or ribbons. If your star doesn't have a base, figure out a way to glue, tape or tie the stick to the back of the star.

How do you fix a too heavy tree topper?

Get a stick like a piece of garden cane about one or two foot long and attach it with wire to the back of the branches ( vertically)to strengthen the main support. Then when you attached the topper it should support the weight better.

How do you top a Christmas tree that is too tall?

If your tree is too tall for the room, you - or someone more qualified - can trim the base of the trunk using a saw (do this outside beforehand), or the top of the tree using secateurs. Start by pruning a little at a time to avoid taking off too much length.

How do I keep my artificial Christmas tree from falling over?

Add Weights

One of the main reasons artificial Christmas trees fall over outside is that their base isn't heavy enough to keep it grounded when the wind picks up. What is this? You can help make the base heavy by adding bags or boxes of rocks, sand, or even cat litter to the bottom of the tree.

Almost half (46%) voted for the star in the Squires survey, and the second most popular topper was the angel (27%).

Because angels appeared high in the sky on the first Christmas, people began placing angels high on the top of their trees as a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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