Moroccan Style Rugs

What is special about Moroccan rugs?

Rugs from Morocco are high quality making them very durable which is why they are often found in schools, offices, homes, and high traffic areas throughout the world. They are stain-resistant and usually more affordable than plush carpets.

Are Moroccan rugs still in?

The rugs have been in fashion for a long time and recently their popularity has surged once again. The original Beni Ourain rugs have been prepared by hand by Beni Ourain tribes in mountains of Morocco for generations.

What is Moroccan shag?

Moroccan Shag Rugs

Cushion-soft and visually intriguing, these impressive shags bring surprising artistic flair to any well-tread living area. Moroccan Shags are power-loomed using a lush blend of synthetic yarns for lasting luxury and continual class.

How do you get the smell out of a Moroccan rug?

  • Sprinkle baking soda or bicarbonate of soda over the entire rug and let it sit overnight.
  • Shake out the excess baking soda outdoors and carefully vacuum up the rest.
  • How much do Moroccan rugs cost?

    A good quality average-sized(5.9×8.9) Moroccon rug may range from US $450 to US $500. They can proceed substantially up till US $8,500, and it can cost you a lot more for antique, vintage rugs and the rugs with high-end quality.

    Do all Moroccan rugs shed?


    Most natural fiber rugs will shed, especially all wool-based rugs. However, Moroccan rugs tend to have heavy and continuous shedding. The quality of the wool and the spinning technique used will determine how much and how long the shedding will be.

    Where are Moroccan rugs from?

    Moroccan rugs are a one-of-a-kind option that can give your space the highest degree of luxury and culture. They were first woven in Morocco by the Berber women in Northern Africa and Sahara back in 622AD. These rugs were greatly valued and primarily used in palaces and sacred places.

    What is a Greek Flokati rug?

    Flokati is a pure wool rug made in Greece by a unique age-old process. For centuries, Greek rug makers have woven Flokati rugs. They were cherished as family treasures, part of brides' dowries and used as wall-hangings and bed covers as well as rugs. Today, Flokatis are still unique.

    What are Moroccan carpets used for?

    Moroccan rugs are the weaves, carpets, and textiles that have been traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. Rugs have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic Era. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decorative purposes.

    What is a Azilal rug?

    Azilal is the capital of the Moroccan province of Azilal. Azilal is also a Berber rug that can be made either from raw sheep's wool mixed with cotton or created mainly from cotton. They are horizontally woven with a grid and a line of knots, which make them easily recognizable.

    What is a Berber style rug?

    The term Berber generally refers to carpet that's overall light in color with flecks of darker colors (usually brown or gray) and woven with a distinctive loop pile that attaches to the backing and remains uncut. It's inspired by the weaving style of the Berber people of North Africa.

    How can you tell if a rug is vintage?

    Very old rugs will feel gritty, sandy, or even smooth on the back. A fine rug that looks tightly woven, but that still feels somewhat floppy or supple, is probably old, since even tightly woven rugs become supple with time. Color or rug dye quality can also help determine how old a rug is.

    Are Moroccan rugs soft?

    Everyone knows that a Moroccan rug is the idiotproof way to enrich a room. The soft texture of a Beni Ourain–style floor covering emits warmth and never looks too “shaggy,” and the colors range from that perfect shade of buttery white to electric hues that you would never expect to work in your home but totally do.

    How can you tell a fake Beni Ourain rug?

    Can you vacuum a Moroccan rug?

    Can you vacuum a Moroccan rug? Of course! Vacuuming is a great way to keep your rug looking great, as long as you do it the right way.

    How do you care for a Moroccan wool rug?

    – You can wash it by hand with cold water and laundry soap and rinse it with your garden hose with cold water. Then let it fully dry in the sun, ensuring that it's no longer wet or humid before putting it back on the floor. Brush it (using a plastic hand brush or clean BBQ brush) to remove excess wool.

    How do you wash Moroccan blankets?

    WASHING CARE: The blankets machine wash very well. We recommend washing separate on a cold delicate setting, and dry on low. cotton that is soft to the touch - no scratchy wool!

    How much is a Berber rug in Morocco?

    A small rug may only cost you 750-1000 dirham. However an average price ranges in the 3500-6000 dirham range. An older vintage Berber rug or larger sized rugs can range from 10,000-25,000 dirham and more.

    How long does it take to make a Moroccan rug?

    It works like this: a client designs their own rug directly on the Beni site, a photo and size grid of which is then sent out to the various weavers in Morocco. In two to three weeks (sometimes longer, depending on the complexities and details), the rug is woven.

    Are things cheap in Morocco?

    However, Morocco is still relatively cheap for many things and can be considered a budget destination if you bear these points in mind. Museums in Morocco are very affordable even when looking at it from the perspective of locals. Even a major tourist destination like Marrakech has very affordable entry fees.

    What type of rug sheds the least?

    1) Flat Weave

    If less shedding is a priority, search for a rug with a flat or woven weave. The tight fibers are less likely to leave rug-bunnies underfoot than high pile rugs. If you love wool rugs, a flat weave is the best way to prevent shedding.

    What rug materials do not shed?

    Great rug materials that don't shed include cotton, leather, animal hide, silk. Cotton rugs are easy to clean and are soft and durable. Many cotton rugs are hand woven, flat woven or braided.

    Do expensive rugs shed?

    While there are many benefits to purchasing a wool rug, they do tend to have a shedding problem. In fact, no matter how much you spend on your wool rug, it will still shed. There's really no way around it.

    What does a flokati rug look like?

    A flokati rug is a woven wool rug. They are shaggy in appearance, and are thick and soft. Modern wool or synthetic rugs may be purchased in a variety of colours.

    Can you vacuum a flokati rug?

    Flokati rugs can be vacuumed. Turn off the beater brush if possible. Occasionally pick up your rug and shake it out. This will lift the pile and make it look great.

    Do Flokati rugs shed?

    All flokati rugs shed a little, especially during cleaning. Wash your flokati in cold water with a very mild wool soap.

    What are Berber rugs made from?

    Carpet fiber: The highest-quality (and priciest) Berber carpets are made from wool and nylon. Berber carpets can also be made from less-expensive olefin (polypropylene), polyester or a mix of fiber blends.

    What is Beni Ourain?

    The term “Beni Ourain” is the name of the collective of 17 different Berber tribes that live in the Atlas Mountains. So any rug woven by any one of these Berber tribes would be a Beni Ourain rug.

    Is Berber carpet outdated?

    While some consider it outdated, berber is known for being one of the oldest and most durable kinds of carpet. Berber carpeting is typically found in low maintenance, high-traffic areas, like basements.

    Is carpet outdated in 2021?

    Though hardwood is incredibly popular, carpeting is making a comeback, in part due to the innovative new options on the market. Carpet is a great choice for bedrooms, dens, or basements where hardwood can feel too cold and sterile, or any room where there is a risk of water damage.

    Which is better Berber or plush carpet?

    While Berber is able to hide stains and dirt better than plush carpet, it doesn't mean you should take less care of it. You still need to frequently vacuum and occasionally shampoo and clean your carpet no matter which style you choose.

    How do I know if my rug is worth money?

    The carpets and rugs that are woven before 1900 (or the so-called Commercial Period) are considered more valuable. The earlier the piece, the higher its market value. When an old rug is in good condition, you can expect for the value to increase some more. Size – The larger the rug is, the higher its valuation is.

    How do I identify a Karastan rug?

    New rug cleaners, when looking at the back, may think they have a hand-knotted rug. A closer inspection will reveal the thin warp yarns running the length of the rug (Image 2). Also, look for the Karastan label on the back of the rug. Some consumers believe, because it is an old Karastan, that it is a valuable antique.

    How can you tell if a rug is good quality?

  • Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI) The number of knots within a rug determines the density, durability, and clarity of pattern; the more knots, the higher the quality.
  • Detail.
  • Premium Wool.
  • Color.
  • Burn a rug's string

    A trick you can do to recognize a real Moroccan Berber rug from a fake one is to burn its string. A real Moroccan rug made of wool does not ignite. On the other hand, fake Moroccan rugs are made of cheap synthetic materials.

  • Sprinkle baking soda or bicarbonate of soda over the entire rug and let it sit overnight.
  • Shake out the excess baking soda outdoors and carefully vacuum up the rest.
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