Modern Hanging Plant

What is that hanging plant called?

Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are an especially great choice to create a hanging plant wall in your space. These unique houseplants can be used for interior decorating in many ways, thanks to their ability to grow on any surface.

What to use instead of hanging plants?


  • Glass jars, if you don't have any ask friends to save them for you. anything from baby food to mayonaise jars work.
  • Some sturdy wire. Old hangers work great for this.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Sand (dirt will do in a pinch).
  • Votive or candles that will work best with the size of jars you are using.
  • Are hanging baskets trendy?

    Hanging baskets are certainly a traditional way to decorate the outside of your home, however, we don't think that this makes them old-fashioned. Hanging baskets will be in style as long as folks choose to display them on their walls, and these planters show no sign of going out of fashion yet.

    What plant is good in front of the house?

    Boxwood. Boxwood shrubs are incredibly popular front-of-home plants, especially when juxtaposed against a brick border or the brick of the home's entryway. They are prized for their straight lines and are also able to easily be pruned into geometric styles or simply kept in the traditional cottage style.

    What is the best hanging plant for indoor?

    Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Your Home

  • Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum)
  • Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes)
  • Ripple Peperomia (Peperomia Caperata)
  • Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
  • Staghorn Fern (Platycerium)
  • String of Nickels (Dischidia nummularia)
  • String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)
  • Trailing Jade (Peperomia rotundifolia)
  • What are trailing plants?

    Trailing house plants have long, trailing stems. Growing them in pots hanging from the ceiling or sitting on a shelf is a great way to show them off, enabling their stems to cascade down for dramatic effect.

    How do you care for Devil's Ivy?

  • Devil's Ivy enjoys a light spot, but preferably not in direct sunlight or a draught.
  • The paler the leaves, the more light the plant needs.
  • The soil can be moderately damp, but do not have the roots standing in water if possible.
  • Some plant food once a month will maintain Devil's Ivy's growth.
  • What can I use instead of a hanging basket?


  • Baskets are crammed plants, too many for the size of basket.
  • The plants all compete for water and available food, the most needy die first.
  • What can I hang instead of a hanging basket?

    Consider putting a row of hanging planters along your fence line or adding hooks to a masonry wall or to the side of your house. You can also hang planters from freestanding hooks to add a bit of height to your garden beds or dangle flower pots from a large tree in your yard.

    Do hanging baskets come back every year?

    Water daily or even twice daily for the first week, until the roots have had a chance to become re-established. In no time at all, your old hanging basket will bounce back to life in a beautiful display of color.

    What should I hang on my front porch?

    10 Things to Put on Your Front Porch

  • Add a Rug. An outdoor area rug grounds the space and lets everyone know this is a spot you can kick off your shoes and recharge.
  • Comfortable Seating.
  • Accent Table.
  • Accessories.
  • Potted Plants.
  • Floor Cushions.
  • Lighting.
  • Versatile Decor.
  • What can you hang on your front porch?

    Whatever porch wall decoration ideas you choose, you will make your outdoor space an inviting retreat for your family and friends.

  • Cute Planter Box with House Numbers.
  • Wreath Hung in an Old Window Frame.
  • Coir Planter with Bright Orange Flowers.
  • Picket Fence Sign with Chalkboard Accents.
  • Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders.
  • How do you hang plants from the ceiling inside?

    Can you hang any plant?

    Igor advises "any trailing plant is perfect for a hanging pot as they prefer space to grow freely."

    How do you hang a heavy potted plant?

  • Screw a hook screw into a joist. Choose a hook screw made to support the specific weight of your hanging plant.
  • With drywall, use a toggle screw.
  • Screw a J-hook into an exposed beam.
  • Simply hook an S-hook over exposed ceiling beams or pipes.
  • Do hanging plants need sunlight?

    A spot where it can get a bit of indirect light every day is where you should hang it. The corner of a bright room, or out of indirect light is ideal. Normal household humidity is fine, but the bathroom would be great. No need to give lots of water; wait until the soil dries out between waterings.

    Which is the lucky plant?

    One of the most famous lucky indoor plants is the money tree. Feng shui experts believe that it attracts fortune, prosperity, and wealth. It's also advised not to put the money tree in your bathroom as experts say it will drain or flush the positive energy away. Money tree grows best under bright, indirect light.

    Which flower is for good luck?

    Peonies. It's no surprise that Peonies, with their full, delicate, and bountiful blooms, symbolize luck, prosperity, love, and good fortune.

    Which plants are not good for home?

    30 Plants You Should Never Bring into Your Home

  • Bonsai. Getting a bonsai is basically an easy way of having a tree inside your home—just in mini-form.
  • English Ivy. Shutterstock.
  • Ficus Tree.
  • Oleander.
  • Areca Palms.
  • Euphorbia Trigona.
  • Succulents.
  • Boston Fern.
  • Is it OK to put plants in bedroom?

    Plants can absorb harmful gases through the pores in their leaves, filtering and cleaning the air you breathe every day. Not only do bedroom plants have many health benefits, but they also add a nice touch of decor and bright energy to any indoor space.

    What plants go in a hanging basket?

    10 trailing plants for hanging baskets

  • Calibrachoa (million bells)
  • Lobelia.
  • Bacopa.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Begonia.
  • Verbena.
  • Petunia.
  • Tomatoes.
  • How often do you water a hanging plant?

    How often should I water them? In the heat of the summer you should be watering your containers and hanging baskets every day. On hot, windy or humid days you may need to water more than once. And on rainy days you may not need to water at all.

    What plants trail over walls?

    Woody Mediterranean herbs are a good choice, like lavender and rosemary. Evergreens like ivy and creeping Jenny will trail down the wall too. If the space is shallow, try alpine plants – they are naturally found in rocky spots and will grow well in poor or shallow soil. Sedum and saxifrage are always good choices.

    How do you grow trailing plants?

    Do Marantas climb?

    Despite sharing many traits with climbing vines, a Prayer Plant won't climb any supports or structures near them. Unlike other tropical plants that have developed ways to climb, Marantas thrive on the forest floor, where they're shielded from harsh sunlight and have plenty of moisture.

    Why is it called devil's ivy?

    It's called Devils ivy because it's impossible to kill, like James Bond, and stays green even when kept in the dark. But hey, it's not going to grow very quickly in the dark so put it in filtered light by the window. It also grows under fluorescent office light.

    Is Devils Ivy Indoor or outdoor?

    Climate: originating from tropical and temperate regions, but will thrive indoors in most climates. Soil: a light, porous, aerated and well-drained soil is required to keep the roots moist but not soggy, usually containing peat moss or coco peat. Position: grows well in full to partial shade outdoors.

    Why is money plant called Devil's Ivy?

    It is also called devil's vine or devil's ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark. It is sometimes mistakenly labeled as a Philodendron in plant stores. It is commonly known as a money plant in many parts of the Indian subcontinent.

    Why do people hang baskets?

    In some communities, hanging a May basket on someone's door was a chance to express romantic interest. If a basket-hanger was espied by the recipient, the recipient would give chase and try to steal a kiss from the basket-hanger.

    How high should hanging baskets be?

    “You want the bottom of your planter to hang no higher than 7 feet off the ground and no lower than 6. That one-foot space is your sweet spot,” writes Gubler in this tutorial for her DIY hanging hoop planter.

    What height should hanging baskets be?

    We recommend hanging your basket well above head height to avoid accidents. You can even attach to wooden fencing by securing it to the fence post.

    How do you make cheap hanging baskets?

    How do you hang plants on walls without nails?

  • S hooks. S hooks are perfect to use when hanging plants from a rack, rail or hook.
  • Wall Hanging Planters with Hooks.
  • A Clothes Rack.
  • Adhesive Wall or Ceiling Hooks.
  • Suction Hooks for Skylights.
  • Over Door Hooks.
  • Wall Mount Air Plant Holders.
  • Magnetic Hooks for Metal Surfaces.
  • How do you make a hanging garden?

  • 1 Choose a Wall. Media Platforms Design Team.
  • 2 Build a Frame. Media Platforms Design Team.
  • 3 Attach Plastic Sheeting.
  • 4 Attach the Fabric.
  • 5 Set Up the Irrigation System.
  • 6 Add Fertilizer Injector and Attach Irrigation System to Water Source.
  • 7 Choose Your Plants.
  • 8 Insert Plants.
  • What do I do with my hanging baskets in the winter?

  • Think: thriller, spiller, filler for bountiful winter hanging baskets.
  • Choose winter pansies and violas for color.
  • Use hardy perennials with colorful foliage.
  • Choose evergreen shrubs with berries.
  • Choose trailing evergreens.
  • How do you make a hanging basket look fuller?

    When should you start hanging baskets?

    When to plant a hanging basket

    Plant winter hanging baskets between September and October, and it doesn't matter if they are frosted as the plants are should be hardy. You would normally plant up a long-lasting perennial hanging basket from April onwards, depending on the types of plants being used.

    How do you decorate a front porch on a budget?

  • Hang Some Drapes. 1/10.
  • Apply a Little Paint. 2/10.
  • Add a Porch Swing. 3/10.
  • Cover the Floor. 4/10.
  • Suspend Some Lights. 5/10.
  • Install a Ceiling Fan. 6/10.
  • Refresh Your Furniture. 7/10.
  • Festoon with Flowers. 8/10.
  • How can I make my front porch more inviting?

  • Light up the night.
  • Come on in.
  • Wipe your feet.
  • Front porch sittin'
  • Share your digits.
  • Green and blooms.
  • Decorate for the seasons.
  • Outdoor living room.
  • How can I decorate the front of my house?

  • Go green. One of the most obvious (and most impactful) ways to boost curb appeal is to add some fresh greenery and flowers.
  • Take care of your lawn.
  • Make your door pop.
  • Let there be light.
  • Embrace symmetry.
  • Makeover your mailbox.
  • Clean your gutters.
  • Add some front door décor.
  • How can I make my porch feel cozy?

  • Add Cozy Cushions, Throw pillows, throws, as well as an Outdoor Rug.
  • Add an Umbrella.
  • Add String Lights.
  • Add Plants and Planters.
  • Add Lanterns with Remote Control Candles.
  • How should I dress my front door?

  • Give it a coat of paint.
  • Get some new hardware.
  • Clean it up.
  • Install lighting.
  • Accessorize it.
  • Buy a new door.
  • How do you stage a front porch?

  • Clean, clean, clean! Sweep the porch, brush away cobwebs, empty the bug carcasses from light fixtures, shine the windows, and wipe down doors.
  • Refresh the finishes.
  • Add life!
  • Accessorize CAREFULLY.
  • Easy Care Indoor Hanging Plants

  • Devil's Ivy.
  • Boston Fern.
  • Heartleaf Philodendron.
  • Spider Plant.
  • English Ivy.
  • Mistletoe Cactus.
  • String of Pearls.
  • String of Hearts.
  • Boxwood. Boxwood shrubs are incredibly popular front-of-home plants, especially when juxtaposed against a brick border or the brick of the home's entryway. They are prized for their straight lines and are also able to easily be pruned into geometric styles or simply kept in the traditional cottage style.

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