Modern Flame Electric Fireplace

Where are modern flames fireplaces in made?

Our selection of sleek, modern fireplaces evolves every year and are developed by our hearth experts in Arizona with our community in mind, from concept to completion.

Do modern electric fireplaces give off heat?

Although electric fireplaces produce enough heat to warm a room 400 square feet and up, they remain cool to the touch. Without the issue of hot metal casings, electric fireplaces are a safe alternative to a traditional fireplace for kids and pets.

Do any electric fireplaces have real flames?

Electric fireplaces do not produce real flames, which is one of the many reasons homeowners enjoy them. That's because dealing with real open flames can be a hassle. Not only does fire generate harmful emissions, like carbon monoxide, it also leaves behind a messy pile of ash.

How can I make my electric fireplace look real?

Have the electrical connection brought inside the wood-burning cavity, so no cords are visible. If you're adding an electric fireplace to a cabinet, consider adding a stone surround directly around the firebox, as you would with a gas unit, to further the illusion of real fire.

Are electric fireplaces tacky?

Q – Are electric fireplaces tacky? A- Not anymore! When electric fireplaces were first released they were visibly cheap and had obviously fake flame effects. Modern electric fireplaces such as the Regency Skope series are specifically designed to suit any modern home and offer realistic 3-dimensional displays.

How do you install a modern flame fireplace?

What is Opti Myst fires?

Optimyst uses ultrasonic technology to create the world's most realistic flame effect, with an ultra-fine water mist that mimics flame and smoke.

How do fake flames work?

Typically, the light from a Light Emitting Diode (LED) reflects off of a spinning light refractor made up of three-dimensional patterns. This reflection creates the illusion of flickering flames and the glow of fire within the fireplace. In some models, the sound of crackling accompanies the glowing flames.

How do electric fireplaces create realistic flames?

As the coils heat, a blower motor (or fan) forces the warmed air into the room. Some electric fireplaces also use infrared technology to directly heat a room. As for those realistic-looking flames, a refractor reflects light from an LED bulb to create a realistic flicker and flame.

How do you make fake flames?

Can you put a TV above an electric fireplace?

In short, yes. For most electric fireplaces, it is perfectly safe to use a TV wall mount to hang a TV above your fireplace. The only time this isn't good for your TV is if the heat is blown directly upward. For most models, this isn't a problem as the heat vents aren't usually located on the top of the unit.

What should I look for when buying an electric fireplace?

So, typically when shopping for an electric fireplace, you'll want to look for lower wattage and a higher BTU rating. Because of their relatively low wattage, most electric fireplaces can run off of a standard 120 volt plug (about 1500 watts), making electric fireplaces much more efficient than wood burning fireplaces.

Do electric fireplaces warm a room?

Electric fireplaces work much like space heaters to provide heat to your home, but can an electric fireplace really heat a room? Using an electric fireplace is a great way to heat a room. From testing, an electric fireplace was able to increase the temperature within a room by 13.5°F (7.5°C) within 4 hours.

How long do electric fireplaces last?

How long do they last? Electric fireplaces can last for 10-20 years depending on how frequently they are used. Many manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 1 year to 10 years depending on the model.

How much does it cost to put in an electric fireplace?

How Much Does It Cost to Add an Electric Fireplace? An electric fireplace costs an average of about $700. Depending on the size and type of fireplace, you could spend as little as $200. Electric fireplaces are less expensive than the cost of installing a fireplace or woodstove, which can run from $850 to $3,500.

Do electric fireplaces make crackling sound?

Fortunately, electric fireplaces make it possible to have realistic looking and sounding fires in your home without mess or danger. If you already own an electric fireplace or fireplace insert that doesn't have that satisfying crackle, the Adagio Crackler System is fantastic addition. It's easy to use and portable.

How do you make an electric fireplace look modern?

If gaps are present, add custom trim to create a more seamless look. You can even add tiles on the gaps to create a more realistic effect that causes the electric fireplace to look like a built-in. Adding a thin strip of lattice on the edges of the tile will hide any gaps that are still present.

How do I update my electric fireplace?

  • Paint the existing fireplace.
  • Update the existing fireplace with paint and wood, e.g. mantel, trim.
  • Restore fireplace to be usable: Keep firebox shape, possibly add electric/gas insert, update mantel and/or replace hearth.
  • How can I make my electric fireplace look bigger?

    A nice way to make your fireplace look bigger and your ceiling higher is to install planked wood above it. It's a dramatic look and you can paint the planks in any color to compliment your room. This fireplace looks beautiful with white planks above a white mantel surround and herringbone tile.

    Is it OK to leave electric fireplace on all night?

    The Short Answer

    Yes, it is okay to leave an electric fireplace insert on overnight but it's best if you turn it off when possible. While it's not necessarily dangerous, it's important to observe basic safety precautions when using an electric fireplace.

    Is an electric fireplace a good idea?

    Electric fireplaces can also heat a room faster and more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, and they're safe to use. These cost-effective heaters are also one of the most efficient ways to heat a room, which reduces energy costs.

    Is it cheaper to use electric heat or gas fireplace?

    Do Fireplaces Actually Save on Heating Bills? The answer is while they can, they rarely do. Because only gas-insert and electric fireplaces are energy efficient, combined with the fact that homeowners need to use them strategically, most homeowners with fireplaces end up using more energy instead of less.

    Can you install an electric fireplace in the wall?

    Built-in electric fireplaces can be installed within the walls of a home and are designed to be ventless, making built-in inserts perfect for use in walls. Certain wall mount electric fireplaces can also be fully recessed into a wall. Not all electric fireplaces can be installed within a wall.

    How far off the ground should an electric fireplace be?

    Recommended Distance to Place the Electric Fireplace

    To achieve the electric fireplace's visual effect at eye level from a seated position, the Floor's recommended distance should be about 40-42″ off the Floor. This is a comfortable enough distance and precisely places the flames in your sight from a seated position.

    Can a wall mount electric fireplace be built in?

    A wall hung electric fireplace can be installed on just about any wall, similar to a piece of artwork or a flat-screen TV. With both options, you'll first need to decide on a suitable location that isn't susceptible to moisture.

    Are Opti-Myst fires any good?

    3.0 out of 5 stars Fire effect brilliant but a very expensive price. This was our great hope as an alternative to a log burning stove without the required building work in our new extension. There is no doubt that this looks lovely and as authentic to a real fire as possible.

    Are Opti-Myst fires good?

    Dimplex Opti-Myst is the right one for you if:

    You wish a realistic fireplace, which is safe and the healthiest option for people and the environment, minimal in cost, and hassle-free. You want a fireplace that does not require ventilation and without smoke and odour.

    Are Dimplex Opti-Myst fires noisy?

    No it doesn't make a noise.

    Do all electric fireplaces look fake?

    Yes! Many electric fireplaces have authentic features, including realistic or modern flames that stand out. Electric fireplaces deliver the convenience factor as well, with the cozy ambiance of a wood-burning fire minus the work.

    Are electric fireplaces noisy?

    Most electric fireplaces that are available aren't noisy and operate quieter than other types of appliances in the home. When the flames are on without any heat and the blower is operating, a minimal amount of noise is created.

    What fire gives off?

    All fires emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter, including white (organic) carbon and black carbon.

    How do you make tissue paper look like fire?

    How do you make flames?

    How far should my electric fireplace be from my TV?

    You should leave between eight and 12 inches of space between your fireplace and television, from what we found. What is this? When it comes to clearance, try to leave around three feet of space in front of your electric fireplace and avoid placing combustible items near it.

    How do you hide the cords from your wall mounted TV over the fireplace?

    How do I protect my TV from fireplace heat?

  • Install a mantle or projection above your existing fireplace.
  • Close your fireplace doors.
  • Convert to a gas-powered fireplace.
  • Use an electric fireplace.
  • Consult a professional contractor.
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  • Have the electrical connection brought inside the wood-burning cavity, so no cords are visible. If you're adding an electric fireplace to a cabinet, consider adding a stone surround directly around the firebox, as you would with a gas unit, to further the illusion of real fire.

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