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What is a standard size shuffleboard table?

Regulation size shuffleboard tables (also known as tournament tables) are 22 feet long by 20 inches wide. The cradle, which is the narrow area surrounding the playing surface, adds inches to these dimensions, so the actual size is around 23 feet long and 31 inches wide.

How heavy is a 9ft shuffleboard table?

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Brand Atomic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 108.25 x 24.25 x 31 inches
Sport Type Shuffleboard
Item Weight 162.8 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Adult/Unisex

Is a 9ft shuffleboard table worth it?

They are easier to clean and maintain as well. “But the pros use longer tables!” Well, not everyone is a pro. Shorter tables are more accessible and less intimidating for new players and kids. Even skilled players can appreciate a 9 foot shuffleboard table.

How do you pick a shuffleboard table?

To choose the best shuffleboard table, look for the finish on the surface of the table to be a polymer resin, about a quarter inch thick. Better tables will offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish. Cheaper tables you may have to refinish every couple of years or so.

Is a 12 foot shuffleboard table too short?

In shuffleboard heaven, the best shuffleboard table length is 22 feet. This isn't possible in all cases but that's fine, a small shuffleboard table is better than no shuffleboard table! The length of the table will affect the feel of the board.

Is a 14 foot shuffleboard table too short?

You want to leave at least 2 feet on each end of the table in order to stand comfortably and play the game. Shuffleboard tables are measured by the outside over- all length of the cabinet, not the board, so a 14 foot table is exactly 14 feet long. How much space is needed to stand behind a shuffleboard?

What kind of wood do you use for a shuffleboard table?

Traditionally, shuffleboard tables are made of hardwoods, such as maple, oak or mahogany. But it's also possible to make one out of bamboo flooring, cabinet-grade plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard).

How much do pro shuffleboard players make?

A low of $40.00, a high of $225.00,and an average of $80.00 per week. If the game averages $80.00 x 52 weeks = $4,160.00 per year. In 2 years, you will earn $8,320.00.

Do shuffleboard tables come in two pieces?

Shuffleboard tables built by Olhausen are available with a 2-piece playfield. This option allows 12′ to 22′ shuffleboards access down tight basements stairs and into elevators. Many shuffleboard tables have a two-piece cradle in which the playfield sits.

What are shuffleboard courts made of?

The game is played on the floor or a deck, on a court made out of concrete. There are two teams per game, with players using cues to push a weighted shuffleboard disc along a smooth, painted concrete surface. Once the disc is pushed, it glides down a narrow court, coming to rest in a triangular scoring area.

How much does a shuffleboard weigh?

12' tables tend to be around 400 pounds, and 14' shuffleboard tables are usually around 450 pounds, although some can be as heavy as 600 pounds. 16' tables are often around 600-700 pounds, and 18' tables are a bit heavier, at around 700-750 pounds.

How much does a shuffleboard puck weigh?

Shuffleboard Puck Weight

The tournament regulation weight for a shuffleboard puck is 342-346 grams.

What size are standard shuffleboard pucks?

Standard Chrome Plated Pucks 2 5/16" Regulation Size Pucks

These pucks are regulation size and within official Tournament weight check with tournament director for specs. These are 2 5/16" size shuffleboard weight set.

Can you put a shuffleboard table against the wall?

Room Width

Most shuffleboard owners often find it to be a good choice to place one side of the table close to the wall. This will prevent it from moving in addition to saving space.

Can shuffleboard be against a wall?

Imagine if you had to turn side ways and walk through the door. Then after you would be side ways behind the shuffleboard you would be bent over the cradle to make your shots. This is why we generally recommend that you allow 2 foot behind your table and a wall.

Where do you hang a shuffleboard table?

The height of the table does not matter, in relation to your space. As long as there is enough space for players to move freely, you can place a shuffleboard table virtually anywhere you have the space for it.

How much is a leaner worth in shuffleboard?

Pucks between the shuffleboard foul line and the 1 line are worth 1 point.

Can you have a shuffleboard table outside?

Yes, of course you can! The fact that it's an outdoor shuffleboard table simply means that it CAN be used outdoors; that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to. Of course, if you don't plan on using it outdoors, there's no point in upgrading to an outdoor table. Save your money for a rainy day!

Can I use pine for a shuffleboard table?

The Ponderosa Pine 16 Foot Shuffleboard Table. The Ponderosa Pine 16 foot shuffleboard table is made using a unique rustic design and we build each quality Ponderosa shuffleboard table using rustic eastern knotty pine.

Why is there sand on a shuffleboard table?

Shuffleboard wax, also known as sand, dust, powder, cheese, salt, sawdust, and more, is a material that's sprinkled on table shuffleboards to decrease friction between the puck and the table, preserve the tables thickness, and increase the speed of weights as they glide across the table.

Is a shuffleboard table flat?

No, shuffleboard tables are not completely flat. Instead, most shufflepuck players prefer a slightly concaved surface just enough to allow a piece of paper underneath a leveler running across the width of the table.

Can you make a shuffleboard table?

Making a shuffleboard table can get you that much closer to playing shuffleboard at your house. The process of making a shuffleboard table can be detail-oriented, so you need to take your time when taking on such a project. It's possible and is going to show you how!

How do you build an outdoor shuffleboard table?

How do you finish a shuffleboard table top?

Shuffleboard tables can be finished using lacquer, varnish, acrylic, and polyurethane, among other applications. The main consideration when preparing the surface is to use a conservative approach rather than an aggressive one.

Who goes first in shuffleboard?

The player to go first is decided by a coin toss and then the player who scored highest in the previous round goes first. Players shoot one puck at a time and take alternate goes.

How do you make a shuffleboard table faster?

Silicone Spray

With the entire table coated, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently buff off the remainder with a towel. The silicone spray will work to increase the effectiveness and speed of your shuffleboard table.

Can you Epoxy a shuffleboard table?

Because these finishes are so protective of the woods they cover, their use has enabled modern-day shuffleboard tables to be produced from softwoods. Epoxy is typically poured on, with the table surface surrounded by blocks, so that the glaze self levels.

What are shuffleboard climate adjusters?

Essentially, shuffleboard climatic adjusters are two supporting beams that sit underneath the surface of the table and create a slight bend in the playing surface. These support beam slide on a horizontal axis and are kept in place by 4 bolts along a threaded stud.

How are shuffleboard tables shipped?

Most shuffleboard tables arrive to your home in multiple crates. The legs and cradle are often shipped unassembled however assembly of these parts is generally not very difficult.

How wide is a 12 foot shuffleboard table?

A 12-foot shuffleboard table will have a playing surface that's around 10.5 feet to 11 feet long and 16 inches wide. Shuffleboard tables that are longer than 12 feet normally have a playing surface width of 20 inches.

How do you wax a shuffleboard?

Can you play shuffleboard on concrete?

Shuffleboard is a popular pastime for people of all ages, and with QUIKRETE® Fiber-Reinforced Concrete or QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix it's easy to make your own shuffleboard court for your backyard.

Can you play shuffleboard on a tennis court?

(Rolling out on hard flat surfaces is recommended). Family, School, Church and Community Centre fun. Play on driveway, porch, patio, garage, gym, basement or tennis court.

What color are shuffleboard courts?

Shuffleboard Court Color Combinations

Navy Blue Olive Green
Orange Purple
Royal Blue Rust Red
Sand Slate Green
Titanium White

How are shuffleboard pucks measured?

Medium pucks are 2 1/8 inches in Diameter measured at the middle and 1 7/8 measured at the cap. Medium pucks are used on tables 12 feet or shorter and on tables 14 feet or longer by expert players. The green puck on the right is a medium shuffleboard puck.

What is Dutch shuffleboard?

A Sjoelbak is the board used for a game of Dutch origin known as Dutch Shuffleboard or Sjoelen. Sjoelen consists of each player being given three chances to slide the disks along the long two metre (6.5 feet) table in an attempt to get them through 4 arches at the other end.

Expect a 12 ft Shuffleboard table to have a playing surface that's 16” wide while the overall width of the table is about 24”. Factor in the clearance around the table and one will need a room that is at least 6ft (72”) wide to be able to accommodate a 12ft long table.

To choose the best shuffleboard table, look for the finish on the surface of the table to be a polymer resin, about a quarter inch thick. Better tables will offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish. Cheaper tables you may have to refinish every couple of years or so.

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