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Who owns MacKenzie child?

MacKenzie-Childs is owned by parent company Aurora Brands. It was previously owned by Pleasant Rowland, an alumna of Wells College in Aurora and founder of the American Girl doll company. Today, Rowland owns the Inns of Aurora, including Wallcourt Hall where MacKenzie-Childs was born.

Where is MacKenzie child made?

While our roots began in handmade, hand-painted ceramics in Aurora, New York, our designs have been brought to life by world-wide talents and manufacturers for decades including our ever-popular enamelware which has been made in Eastern Asia since first debuting in 1995.

What is the story of MacKenzie-Childs?

MacKenzie-Childs was born of our love of home and our commitment to fresh, innovative design. Founded in 1983, our humble beginnings started in the basement of Wallcourt Hall, a building built in 1909 as a dormitory for an all-girls prep school.

Is MacKenzie-Childs going out of business?

MacKenzie-Childs was founded by the very artistic couple Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs. Unfortunately, their company declared bankruptcy in 2000 but you can still see and buy their creative items at their new company, Victoria and Richard Emprise.

How do I contact MacKenzie child?

What is so special about MacKenzie-Childs?

Known for their dizzying display of colors and hand-painted patterns, MacKenzie-Childs' products are more like design fantasies than traditional home décor goods.

Where are MacKenzie-Childs teapots made?

All of their ceramic pieces (except the tiles, made in Mexico), are created at the Aurora, New York location. Of course, a company as large as MacKenzie-Childs cannot make all of their products in one place.

Is MacKenzie-Childs a person?

Victoria MacKenzie and Richard Childs created the company MacKenzie-Childs, a combination of their last names. They are known for their eccentric, crazy, and creative style that just makes people say “Wow!" "I was sitting in my little studio and was making what you call a chowder bowl.

Is MacKenzie-Childs Scottish?

That's why, at MacKenzie-Childs, we honor our Scottish heritage, and in January, we salute Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns.

Is MacKenzie-Childs hand painted?

MacKenzie-Childs | Hand-painted ceramics, dinnerware, furniture, home decor, and gifts.

Is MacKenzie-Childs marked?

That is what makes MacKenzie-Childs unique. The evidence of an artisan's hand is highly prized by collectors, and defines every piece MacKenzie-Childs creates. The letters on the bottom of your piece is an artisan's stamp or mark, which shows his or her contribution to the piece.

Is MacKenzie-Childs handmade?

Handmade in Aurora, MacKenzie-Childs ceramic pottery holds a special place in our hearts, and we are proud to share this unique artisanal craft with you. We first began making pottery in 1983, and today we still make almost all of our pottery, from design inspiration to final quality check, right here.

Who owns the Yankee Ferry?

Yankee (ferry)

United States
Name Yankee
Owner Private ownership
Builder Neafie & Levy

Who is Victoria MacKenzie?

Victoria and her husband Richard ('78) founded MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd., a luxury home goods firm, in 1983. They left their firm over ten years ago to pursue another goal: transforming the last remaining Ellis Island ferryboat, the Yankee Ferry.

What style is MacKenzie-Childs?

Described as “tradition with a twist,” MacKenzie-Childs products are known for their distinctive designs characterized by vibrant colors and overlaying patterns. “It's hard to make analogies with MacKenzie-Childs,” said company CEO Lee Feldman. “It's not French country, it's not modern contemporary.

Who started MacKenzie-Childs?

How do I cancel my Mackenzie Childs order?

If the order has not been processed, it may be possible to cancel it. If it has already been processed by the time you contact us, it may be too late to cancel. Contact to get in touch with a customer service representative.

Is MacKenzie-Childs a luxury brand?

MacKenzie-Childs is a designer and marketer of luxury home furnishings and personal accessories sold direct-to-consumer through the company's catalog, website, and company-owned stores, as well as leading home retailers.

What lake is MacKenzie-Childs on?

See where the unique vision of MacKenzie-Childs, makers of colorful and charming ceramics and home furnishings, takes shape on a beautiful 65-acre campus overlooking Cayuga Lake.

Can MacKenzie-Childs go in the microwave?

MacKenzie-Child's Taylor and Piccadilly collections can be used in the oven and microwave as long as the dishes start at room temperature. Place the dish in a cool oven, because if you place a cool dish in a hot oven, the glaze can crack over time.

Founded in 1983 by Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, the company had filed for bankruptcy in November 2000. Rowland, who founded dolls marketer American Girl in 1986 and sold the company to toy giant Mattel in 1998, purchased MacKenzie-Childs from the founders in June 2001 for $5 million.

MacKenzie-Childs was founded by the very artistic couple Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs. Unfortunately, their company declared bankruptcy in 2000 but you can still see and buy their creative items at their new company, Victoria and Richard Emprise.

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