Dresser With Shallow Drawers

What is a narrow chest of drawers called?

A bachelor's chest is a small, narrow chest with about three to four drawers and is traditionally meant for a single person with limited clothing storage needs. This furniture piece is considered a chest instead of a dresser because it is narrow and has limited storage space.

What is a thin dresser called?

Also called a semainier, lingerie chests are tall and skinny chests traditionally used for small articles of clothing, such as lingerie.

How do you lower the depth of a dresser?

Whats the difference between a chest of drawers and a dresser?

A chest of drawers tends to be tall and narrower, while dressers generally are shorter and wider, with more defined storage options for clothes, linens, etc. So, when a corner chest of drawers can be used to store anything in a bedroom, living room or office, dressers with mirrors are more suitable for large bedrooms.

What is a highboy dresser?

A highboy is a tall chest of drawers that is usually made in two separate pieces. The bottom piece is much like a lowboy, a short chest of two or three drawers with long legs. The upper part of a highboy has drawers that vary in size and number depending on the piece.

What is a mule chest dresser?

Mule Chest: A chest commonly wider than it is high and deep. A mule chest has drawers in its base and a hinged top, beneath which there are either two short drawers or one long one.

What is a gentleman's dresser?

A gentleman's chest is so named for its tall cabinet section that offers enough length to hang dress pants, ties, suits, and other hanging clothing. The design features a column of drawers with a large cabinet for hanging clothes beside the drawers.

Can you cut down a dresser?

Cutting the dresser down to size was the easy part. Putting it back together took some ingenuity, patience and trial and error. Not only did they need to find a way to reattach the back legs and back panel, they needed to cut the drawers down to size too.

How do you shorten a chest of drawers?

How do you cut a long dresser in half?

What is a Chiffonier dresser?

: a high narrow chest of drawers.

Why is it called chest of drawers?

chest of drawers, type of furniture developed in the mid-17th century from a chest with drawers in the base. By the 1680s the “chest” was entirely made up of drawers: three long ones of varying depth, topped by two short ones side by side.

What is the chest at the end of a bed called?

One of the most practical (and therefore traditional) pieces to put at the end of a bed is a bench, sometimes called a "bedroom bench" if you're searching for one online.

How deep are chest of drawers?

A vertical chest of drawers is typically 30 to 39 inches wide and contains four or more drawers of varying heights. The depth of any dresser is approximately 16 to 22 inches. The greater depth provides more stability needed in taller chests or dressers with mirrors attached to them.

How thick should Plywood be for drawers?

Plywood for most drawers is 1/4 inch thick but can be 1/2 inch thick on large drawers. You can find these materials in many different types of hardwood so that one or both of the outer veneers can match your drawer boxes and/or fronts. However, not all wood species are available in veneer plywood.

What is a Chester dresser?

These days, the most common answer would be dresser. Personally, I call this piece a chest of drawers or even just a chest. The Atlas fieldworkers collected over 35 different terms for this piece of furniture, including sideboard, highboy, chiffonier, commode, dressing table, and stand of drawers.

Why do people call a chest of drawers a dresser?

Dressers usually have 6 drawers (or more) and are bigger and deeper than chest drawers. Additionally, many dressers also come with a matching mirror that is mounted on the back. This enables a person to dress in front of it, hence why the piece is called a dresser.

How many drawers should a dresser have?

A standard dresser has between six and nine drawers, is around waist tall (26" – 44"), is 36" – 60" wide, and is 16" – 20" deep. However, these can vary and you should choose an option that works best in your bedroom.

What is a Ford f250 highboy?

Highboy is a nickname for a 1967-1977 four-wheel-drive F-250. Ford has offered factory four-wheel-drive trucks since 1959. Their first 4x4s also had a divorced transfer case, and thus a higher stance. But in 1967 Ford launched the distinctive, and beloved, fifth generation of the Ford F-series.

What is a lowboy furniture used for?

lowboy, antiquarian term for a small dressing table with four or six legs and two or three drawers, resembling in some ways the lower portion of a highboy (q.v.). Lowboy and highboy were often made to match.

What is a lowboy dresser?

A lowboy is an American collectors term for one type of dressing table, vanity, or duchess (Australian English). It is a small table with one or two rows of drawers, so called in contradistinction to the tallboy or highboy chest of drawers.

What is a mule trunk?

Mule Trunks were popular items of luggage for soldiers and their regular shape and flat top makes them still practical today. The trunk has a wooden bar to the top, where it hinges, a lock fitting to take a padlock and is lined in linen.

What is a mule cabinet?

This unique piece of furniture has a lid that lifts from the top and a drawer or drawers below. A mule chest stands on legs or brackets and off of the floor, and most have locks. In Colonial homes, closets were virtually nonexistent. A mule chest was often the only case piece of furniture that a family owned.

What is a mule box?

Antique Mule Chests were a form of Coffer, primitively built using old clout nails or wooden pegs and having a hinged lid. The difference between them, is they have two or three drawers at the bottom of the wooden box due to the impracticality of difficult to reach items stored at the bottom of the coffer.

What is a door chest?

It includes various sizes of drawers, a door that conceals adjustable shelves, and is made of solid wood with a hand-rubbed finish for timeless style and durability.

What is a Semainier chest?

Definition of semainier

: a tall chest with seven drawers for use in a bedroom or dressing room.

What goes in chest of drawers?

Dresser drawers provide an excellent place to store T-shirts, tank tops, socks, and other articles of clothing. But they also can wind up becoming a spot to pack away items you don't wear—and probably won't wear again. So once you have the contents of your dresser spread out in front of you, it's time to declutter.

What can I turn my dresser into?

10 New Uses for Old Dressers

  • Space for a Sink. 1/11. Make a big splash in the bathroom by repurposing an old dresser as a vanity.
  • Dressed for Dinner. 2/11.
  • Drawer Decor. 3/11.
  • Spring Wardrobe. 4/11.
  • Tune In. 5/11.
  • No Monster Under the Bed. 6/11.
  • Open to New Possibilities. 7/11.
  • Approach the Bench. 8/11.
  • Can you take the legs off a dresser?

    Remove the old base or legs by unscrewing and prying off glued parts. You may need to use a multi-functional tool to cut off the base. Modify the base for new legs. (optional) Some dressers need extra support.

    Can you cut a chest of drawers in half?

    You can even remove 1 or 2 of the drawers to create open shelf storage for magazines, books, remotes, etc. I have seen some really great dressers cut in half or cut down to make an entryway bench with a seat on top and a drawer underneath.

    How can I make my dresser look taller?

    Add height

    A mix of height creates visual balance and also draws the eye upward, making the space around your dresser feel larger. Tall table lamps or billowy houseplants in unique vases are easy ways to add this type of balance. Modern carafes and tumblers or tall candles work well, too.

    How do you turn a dresser into a bookcase?

    How do you turn a dresser into a bench?

    How do you make a chest of drawers into a desk?

    How do you cut a drawer in half?

    How do you make a vanity into a nightstand?

    What is the difference between a credenza and a chiffonier?

    is that credenza is a sideboard or buffet while chiffonier is a tall, elegant chest of drawers, often with a mirror attached.

    What is a chiffon cabinet?

    In North America, a chiffonier is quite different. There it refers to a tall, narrow and elegant chest of drawers, frequently with a mirror attached on top. It is also one half of the American portmanteau piece of furniture called a chifforobe.

    What were Chiffoniers used for?

    These Regency era chiffoniers were most often used to store books. In larger houses, a chiffonier was used to hold the books the family used most often. In smaller homes, the family might store all of their books in their chiffonier.

    What are the different types of dressers?

    Other than that, your choice on the type of dresser is also vital in maintaining the interior design of the room.

  • Bachelor's chest.
  • Combo dresser.
  • Double dresser.
  • Dresser and change table.
  • Gentleman's chest.
  • Lingerie chest.
  • Media chest.
  • Raised bed and dresser.
  • Whats the difference between a dresser and a bureau?

    The difference between a bureau and a dresser is their location: A bureau is typically in an office or library and a dresser is usually in a bedroom or closet. Both pieces of furniture consist of a chest of drawers underneath a cupboard with shelves.

    What is a dresser with a mirror on top called?

    A dresser with a mirror attached is called a bureau.

    Kitchen drawers, or drawer boxes, correspond with the size of your cabinets and their intended uses: For base cabinets, drawers range 6-36" in width, 4-10" in height, and just under 24-36" deep, depending on the depth of the base cabinet (which could also be the island).

    A chest of drawers tends to be tall and narrower, while dressers generally are shorter and wider, with more defined storage options for clothes, linens, etc. So, when a corner chest of drawers can be used to store anything in a bedroom, living room or office, dressers with mirrors are more suitable for large bedrooms.

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