Does Stained Concrete Floors Add Value To Your Home?

Do stained concrete floors save money?

Custom concrete floors can help you save money on your next home or commercial renovation. These floors not only look sleek and modern, but they will help you save a ton. Ninety-four percent of real estate pros recommend you invest in your floors. Investing in custom concrete floors will help in the long run.

Is it cheaper to tile or stained concrete?

According to Concrete Network, the average ceramic tile flooring costs between $11-$22 per sqft, and natural stone can coast as much as $20-$50 per sqft. New installation of stained and polished concrete can cost between $2-$15 per square foot.

How long does a stained concrete floor last?

Few materials have the longevity of concrete. And because stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with permanent color, a stained concrete floor or pavement should last a lifetime when properly maintained (see How to Protect and Maintain Stained Concrete .

Are concrete floors in style?

It's not just for sidewalks; concrete is a stylish choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy. Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, and they resist water when properly sealed.

Are stained concrete floors expensive?

Here are the base prices for popular concrete floor finishes: Stained Concrete Cost - $2 to $4 per square foot. Concrete Overlay Cost - $3 to $7 per square foot. Polished Concrete Cost - $3 to $12 per square foot.

Are stained concrete floors cheaper than wood?

Yes, concrete floors are generally more affordable than hardwood floors. Generally, a concrete floor costs between $2 and $15 per square foot, while hardwood floors cost between $12 and $20 per square foot, according to Floor Critics.

Is it expensive to stain concrete?

Typically, staining concrete costs between $7 and $15 per square foot. Contractors charge between $2 and $4 per square foot for a simple stain job and between $12 and $25 per square foot for a high-end design.

Is it better to stain or paint concrete floors?

A concrete stain mainly adds color to the floor while still making it more durable. Therefore, concrete staining should not be confused with painting. While painting results in a thin layer of about 0.005 inches on the concrete surface, stains soak deeper into the concrete for a more lasting effect.

Why is my stained concrete turning white?

Why is my concrete turning white? Efflorescence – As the concrete dries and its moisture rises upwards through the slab, it brings salts within the concrete to the surface as well. This leaves a white sticky residue called “efflorescence” when too much moisture passes through the concrete.

Do stained concrete floors crack?

Concrete has very high compressive strength, but low tensile strength—that is, it stands up very well under heavy loads, but does not tolerate stretching or bending of any kind. If exposed to severe changes in temperature (as in a building without climate control) a concrete floor may crack as it expands.

How many square feet will a gallon of concrete stain cover?

On average, acid stains will cover 200 to 400 square feet per gallon, while water based stains will cover slightly more at about 250 to 450 square feet per gallon. Both acid based and water based stains can be diluted to get more coverage, however this will also lessen the intensity of the color.

Are concrete floors cost effective?

Because material costs for polished concrete floors are six to eight times lower than that of high-quality hardwood floors, polished concrete is significantly less expensive than wood in new residential construction. In 2022, a typical white oak floor install can range from $12 to over $22 a square foot.

Do polished concrete floors scratch easily?

Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient and is able to withstand the pressure from very heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is very difficult to damage and is nearly impossible to chip or scratch.

Can you use Pine Sol on stained concrete floors?

For mopping, use warm water and a microfiber-style wet mop. Never use cleaners such as Pine-Sol, ammonia, vinegar, or bleach as they will dull, discolor or etch polished concrete and stained concrete floors.

Is stained concrete slippery?

Like any hard, smooth surface, stained concrete can become slippery when wet, especially if it has been coated with a high-gloss sealer. For concrete floors or walkways exposed to moisture or in areas with a lot of foot traffic, there are ways you can increase the slip resistance without affecting the color.

Can I steam mop stained concrete floors?

Short answer: yes! Steam vapor can be used on both sealed and unsealed concrete surfaces.

Are concrete floors good in a house?

Concrete can make some of the most elegant and colorful floors you have ever seen, though they aren't a good stylistic fit for every home. A concrete floor is extremely strong and durable, and if it is properly installed and maintained, it can last for as long as you own the house.

How do you beautify a concrete floor?

  • Acid Staining. Concrete flooring is great because it is easy to maintain.
  • Resin Flooring.
  • Stained and Polished Concrete Flooring.
  • Dyed Concrete Flooring.
  • Painted Concrete Floors.
  • How do I make concrete look nice?

  • Paint a Pattern. Yes, you can paint your concrete slab.
  • Lay Decking Flooring. Did you know you can lay decking over a concrete slab?
  • Add Curves With Pavers.
  • Lay Slate Tiles.
  • Stain the Concrete to Look Like Tile.
  • Add a Beautiful Outdoor Rug.
  • Paint Concrete.
  • Dress it Up.
  • Which is better epoxy or stained concrete?

    Both stained concrete and Nature Stone flooring will last for years with proper care, but stone epoxy tends to be slightly more durable than stained concrete. The reason for this is because the sealant used on top of stained concrete wears down faster than stone epoxy.

    How much does it cost to stain floors?

    Staining hardwood floors costs between $1 and $3 per square foot. Prices can vary due to the quality and type of stain and the price of labor in your area. Low-end stains average $30 per gallon, and high-end ones can go for $100 per gallon.

    Is polished concrete more expensive than floorboards?

    Timber floorboards, on the other hand, will nearly always be more expensive than polished concrete to install and will cost more to maintain in the long run. Similarly, floor tiles will cost more in time and effort to keep clean.

    Why do some houses have concrete floors?

    These days most homes are designed with concrete floors because damp proofing technology allows us to create a dry floor without an air gap. There are still be many suspended floors out there however, because retrofitting them is prohibitively expensive and often impractical.

    Why do old houses have suspended floors?

    Suspended timber ground floors can be a source of considerable heat loss from older buildings, particularly where there are gaps between floorboards that create draughts. Insulating and draught-proofing floors can make an important contribution to improving comfort and reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions.

    What is the cheapest flooring option?

  • Sheet Vinyl. Getty. Sheet vinyl costs, on average, between $0.50 to $2 per square foot, making it a great affordable option.
  • Linoleum. Getty.
  • Laminate. Getty.
  • Carpet. Getty.
  • Polished Concrete. Getty.
  • Can old concrete be stained?

    Your existing old concrete should be fine to stain, so long as it is not contaminated with glue, paint, oil, grease, sealers, waxes, or anything else that would prevent the stain from soaking into the pores of the concrete.

    Is acid staining concrete expensive?

    Cost To Stain And Seal Concrete Floor

    The aforementioned "50 cents or less" estimate for staining concrete floors not only encompasses the cost of the concrete stain, but also the costs of sealer and wax as well. Concrete stain by itself can range from around $0.20 and up per square foot.

    How do you care for stained concrete floors?

  • Dry dust mop or damp mop regularly to keep away dirt and grime, cutting down on abrasion.
  • Damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaner and water for an occasional deeper cleaning.
  • Protect with a good film-forming sealer and a coat of wax or floor finish.
  • Is Valspar concrete stain water based?

    Valspar | Water-based | Concrete Stains & Sealers.

    Which lasts longer concrete stain or paint?

    This also means that stain produces a unique but harder to control effect as it reacts with the concrete, while paint gives the same results every time. For its longevity, durability, and resistance to foot traffic, concrete stain takes the win in this round.

    Is concrete stain a sealer?

    Usually, concrete stain is covered with a layer of concrete sealer which not only protects the color and the concrete but also brings out the pigmentation of the concrete stain much more strongly. However, concrete sealers can be applied with or without applying concrete stain before it.

    Will concrete stain peel off?

    Although concrete stain is permanent and won't flake off like paint, it penetrates only the top layer of the concrete surface and will eventually wear away as the surface is worn by traffic or weather exposure.

    Does GREY concrete turn white?

    Typically, one can tell if the concrete is drying out by its color . . . it goes from a dark grey to white. Therefore, if the concrete has already turned white, the strength of the concrete may not be as strong as if the concrete was kept wet from the beginning.

    How often should you reseal stained concrete?

    To keep exterior stained surfaces protected, apply a new coat of sealer every year or two, or as necessary. When you begin to notice that water no longer beads up on the surface, it's time to reseal.

    How much concrete cracking is acceptable?

    Generally, cracks with a width of less than 0.3 mm are acceptable and do not affect the structure. However, they may develop and grow to become structural cracks. Therefore, one should monitor small cracks on houses or structures. Crack width greater than 0.3 mm can create problems for the durability of the structure.

    Can you leave concrete floors bare?

    Without protection, concrete is susceptible to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, impacts, tyre traffic, de-icing salts and liquid. In an industrial area this could mean that the floor quickly becomes chipped, contaminated, cracked and unclean. If nothing else, bare concrete isn't the best look.

    How do I keep my concrete floor from cracking?

  • Start with a sound subgrade. Make sure the subgrade is compacted.
  • Modify the concrete mix. Use a low water-to-cement ratio.
  • Install joints. Be active in deciding where control joints will be placed.
  • Properly cure the concrete.
  • Which concrete stain is best?

  • Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain – Best Overall.
  • Concrete Coatings VIVID Acid Stain – Best Value.
  • Concrete Resurrection Cement Stain – Premium Choice.
  • Rust-Oleum 247162 Concrete Stain Spray.
  • EnduraCoat Acid Stain DIY Kit.
  • BrandBold Brilliance Concrete Acid Stain.
  • Does white concrete stain easily?

    Concrete countertops scratch & stain easily.

    This is especially true for white concrete countertops! Cement is actually a pretty fragile surface that stains and cracks easily. It is also highly absorbent and must be sealed before you can use it in your kitchen.

    Is concrete stain water based?

    Eco-Stain™ is a liquid semi-transparent water-based concrete stain for accent coloring that can be sprayed, brushed rolled or even sponged. Used for staining concrete floors and walls including overlays and cast concrete products. New for 2017, Eco Stan is now available in a concentrated liquid 32oz.

    Are polished concrete floors still in style?

    Polished concrete floors add up to over 90% of our residential installs. They're all the rage in residential flooring right now. They're simply more versatile and attractive than any type of stained concrete floor, including acid stain.

    Are concrete floors slippery?

    Even when wet, polished concrete floors offer significantly higher slip resistance than tile or wood floors. When installed properly, polished concrete flooring reduces slip and fall liabilities and insurance costs for business owners.

    Low-maintenance: The same properties that make concrete floors so durable also make them easy to care for. Properly sealed concrete floors shrug off dirt, grit, stains, spills, and hard impacts. A little sweeping and damp mopping is all that's required to keep them looking like new.

    It's not just for sidewalks; concrete is a stylish choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy. Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, and they resist water when properly sealed.

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