Does Grohe Make Bathtubs?

How do I find the model of my bathtub faucet?

On the packaging, look near the UPC code or the top of the box. On the faucet, a model identification tag has been attached to most models manufactured since 2012. Look for the tag on one of the faucet's supply lines.

Where is the model number on a Grohe?

Identifying Grohe Faucets

Around the inner rim of the nozzle is a common place to find manufacturer information and model numbers. If you still cannot locate the model, check the bottom of the faucet beneath your sink — this part is a called a stem.

What size is my bathtub faucet?

Bathtub faucets should have a 3/4-inch supply line, as opposed to 1/2-inch for the rest of the house. Some tubs hold up to 60 gallons of water, so you'll want a faucet that can get the job done in a timely manner.

Where is GROHE faucets made?

GROHE has six own production plants. Grohe AG's innovation, design and development resources are based in Germany which is also the company's manufacturing base (3 plants). About 60 percent of all GROHE products are manufactured in Germany.

How do I know what cartridge my faucet is?

What brand of faucet has red and blue circle?

The Delta faucet has a red/blue button.

How can I tell how old my faucet is?

Are all tub faucets the same size?

Are All Bathtub Faucets The Same? No, not all bathtub faucets are the same. Depending on the faucet itself and the water spout it connects to, there are several differences in bathtub faucets. However, this does not mean that you will have trouble finding the right bathtub faucet for your bathroom.

Are bathtub faucets standard size?

Standard centerset faucet units, typically used on bathroom sinks, measure 4 inches on center. Wideset faucets and spouts may be units with bases, but may also mount only handles and spouts on walls or tubs. Standard widespread faucets measure between 8 and 16 inches on center.

What are the different types of bathtub faucets?

Types of Bathtub Faucets:

  • Wall-Mount Faucet.
  • Deck Mount Bathtub Faucet.
  • Roman Bathtub Faucet.
  • Freestanding Bathtub Faucet.
  • How do you fix a dripping Grohe faucet?

    How do you replace a Grohe bathroom faucet cartridge?

    How do you replace a Grohe faucet cartridge?

    Which faucet is better Grohe or Hansgrohe?

    While Grohe focuses on classic designs, practice and though out for a great safety for users. Hansgrohe favours an original, even extravagant design, the reduction of water used, and innovations. Whether you choose to put your trust into Grohe or Hansgrohe, both offer products featuring high quality and durability.

    Is Grohe worth the money?

    Grohe is one of the world's top luxury brands for kitchen fittings and bathroom solutions, and it is also a leader in the development of new water products. Overall, the cost of Grohe fixtures is greater than the cost of lighting from other companies.

    Is Grohe made in China?

    The vast majority are made in China and Mexico, and an increasing number of those are manufactured in outside contract factories. Grohe's main European faucet plant is now in Albergaria, Portugal.

    Is GROHE owned by American Standard?


    American Standard Brands is owned by LIXIL Corporation (TSE Code 5938), and is part of LIXIL Water Technology business, which operates across 150 countries. The LIXIL Water Technology brands include: LIXIL, INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and JAXSON.

    Is GROHE a luxury brand?

    Yes, Grohe is considered a luxury brand. The company is a leading brand worldwide, specializing in kitchen fittings and various bathroom solutions. Their products combine style, design, and innovative technologies to create a stellar product.

    Which GROHE made in Germany?

    Rainshower®, Power&Soul®, Euphoria and Tempesta are made in GROHE's shower factory in Lahr - Black Forest Germany. German innovations have always been a driving force behind the success of GROHE showers.

    How do I change a bathtub cartridge?

    How do I know what cartridge fits my shower?

    Use a caliper or ruler and measure the cartridge. Do this by measuring from the base to the tip (from seat to splines). Pay attention to the length tier of your cartridge (Lengths range from 1–12).

    How do I change a shower cartridge?

    How do I find out what brand my bathroom sink is?

    Bathroom Sink: The serial label can be found on the backside of the sink. Kitchen Sink: The serial label can be found on the underside of the sink. Utility Sink: The serial label can be found on the underside of the sink. Record your serial number and contact Kohler Co.

    How do I find the valve stem on my faucet?

    It is easiest for us to identify your stem or handle needs by measuring your stem from the left where the washer is attached to the right where the handle fits on the knurled end (The Broached end). Broached ends are unique by manufacturer and is critical when identifying your stem or cartridge.

    How do I identify my American standard shower faucet?

    Look on the base of the shower faucet spout on the front. American Standard shower faucets have the words "American Standard" printed on them. If your faucet is corroded or has lime scale, spray with a cleaning agent and wipe it with a towel to make the letters legible.

    How do I identify my faucet manufacturer?

    Locate The Logo

    One of the most obvious and easy (sometimes) ways to identify the kitchen faucet brand is by the logo. Each manufacturer has its own unique logo that is stamped onto some part of the faucet. Check the plate beneath the faucet, which is called the escutcheon, for the logo.

    Are tub faucets interchangeable?

    Tub faucets are available in multiple configurations for single handle, double handle or triple handle tubs. Some faucets feature a handle as a diverter instead of a diverter located on the tub spout. Tub faucets are not interchangeable with sink faucets.

    Does a tub faucet have to be over the drain?

    Having your faucet or showerhead and drain on opposite sides does not go against any building code regulations, and your tub will still drain perfectly fine.

    Can you change bathtub fixtures?

    If your bathtub faucet is old or broken, you can easily replace it with a new one all by yourself. The process is the same whether you have a single handle faucet or one with multiple controls. If you want to change your faucet handles, you need to remove them along with the stems connecting to the pipes.

    What is the standard hole size for a bathroom faucet?

    The standard faucet hole sizes for kitchens and bathrooms are 1 3/8″ (1.375 Inches or 34.925 mm) in diameter unless otherwise mentioned in the specification. However, faucet holes may vary in size depending on the particular make and model.

    What type of bathtub faucet is best?

    Best Bathtub Faucets

  • Danco Universal Tub Spout.
  • Westbrass E531D-1F Tub Spout.
  • Delta Faucet U1072-PK Diverter Tub Spout.
  • Moen T943BN Eva Collection Roman Tub Spout.
  • Delta Faucet RP34357RB.
  • Senlesen Bathroom Tub Filler.
  • Delta Faucet Peerless RP4370.
  • ProPlus Centers Diverter Tub Faucet.
  • What is the difference between a sink faucet and a tub faucet?

    When it comes to sink faucets and bath fillers, the two kinds of faucets are not interchangeable. While a kitchen or bathroom sink connects to a ⅜” water supply pipe, a bath filler faucet connects to the larger ½” pipe to allow more water flow. A bath faucet can fill a tub faster, using more efficient water pressure.

    Are sink and tub faucets the same?

    The first thing to know is that tub faucets and bathroom sink faucets are not interchangeable. Water flow rates, installation types, and features like thermostatic controls and hand showers are qualities that separate tub faucets from sink faucets.

    How do I stop my Grohe shower from leaking?

    How do you tighten a Grohe faucet?

    How do you take apart a Grohe faucet?

  • Step 1: Disconnect the Water Lines.
  • Step 2: Loosen the Sprayer Nuts.
  • Step 3: Loosen the Faucet Nuts.
  • Step 4: Remove the C-Clips.
  • Step 5: Pull Out the Faucet.
  • Step 1: Disconnect the Supply Hoses.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the Sprayer.
  • Step 3: Loosen the Faucet Nuts.
  • We get many consumers who ask us if Hansgrohe and Grohe are the same company since Grohe is in both names. The answer is No. They are similar with a common heritage, but 2 very separate and competing companies.

    GROHE has six own production plants. Grohe AG's innovation, design and development resources are based in Germany which is also the company's manufacturing base (3 plants). About 60 percent of all GROHE products are manufactured in Germany.

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