72 Blackout Curtains

What length do blackout curtains come in?

The panels come in five colors and five lengths (63-, 84-, 95-, 108-, and 144-inch versions).

How tall should blackout curtains be?

It's ideal to extend about 4 inches up onto the window frame to keep the light out. Depending on the overall look you're going for, they could extend higher, about 6 to 12 inches above the window frame. Curtains can be hung as high as 20 inches above the window frame to create an elongated appearance.

How many curtains do I need for a 72 inch window?

Example: If your window measures 36" wide (window width x 2 = 72"), you need curtains that will give a minimum width of 72" or 2 panels for that window. In this case 2 panels will give about 100" to 120" of width which will look nice and full. Always round up to the next full number.

What length of curtains should I get?

How Long Should Curtains Be? Floor-length is the way to go, unless there's a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready-made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. Measure from the floor to where you'll hang the rod, then round up.

How do you know what size blackout curtains to buy?

Add 15 percent or 25 percent to the base width of the window for the finished drapery width. For example, if the base width of the window is 60 inches and the drape is blackout-lined, the finished drape must be a minimum of 75 inches wide to expose the entire window when the drape is open.

How do you make blackout curtains look good?

  • Choose light-filtering curtains rather than blackout curtains.
  • Look for a drapey, heavy fabric.
  • Use a double curtain rod.
  • Sun Zero Oslo Rod Pocket 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels $27.99 for each panel, Target.
  • Use curtain ring clips.
  • Majgull Blackout Curtains, IKEA.
  • How do you measure for blackout curtains for a bedroom?

    How much wider than window should curtain be?

    How wide should curtains be? To ensure that curtain panels look ample when closed, they should have a combined width that is 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window/rod. That means if you are ordering Grommet style or Rod-pocket style, the total drapery width should be at least 2 times the window/rod widths.

    Can I use 3 curtain panels?

    Feed all three panels onto a rod through the upper casing or tabs, making sure all three are right side out. Better Homes & Gardens advises using a curtain rod that is wider than your window.

    Do curtains have to touch the floor?

    So should curtains touch the floor? The short answer is yes usually. But when making any decision about your window treatments, whether they're drapes, blinds, or shades, it's important to consider every aspect of style and function so you can choose the best option for your windows and your home.

    How much should blackout curtains overlap?

    Add at least 3 inches for overlap (1-1/2" per side) for optimum light control and privacy.

    How high should you hang curtains with 8 foot ceiling?

    Assuming you're outfitting a living room or bedroom with average ceiling height (8 feet high), an interior designer's rule of thumb would be to mount the curtain rod about a half-foot above the top of the window frame—even higher if the total space between the top of the window and the ceiling line is less than 12

    How far should curtain rod be from side of window?

    The standard distance from the window casing to the end of the curtain rod (excluding finials) on each side of the window should be four to 10 inches. As a general rule, drapes will be open during the day, so make sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window's inside frame.

    Are short curtains ever OK?

    The shorter length can appear dated. Also, it can cut the visual height of your room in half. From a purely practical standpoint, however, short curtains are sometimes the best option.

    Do I need curtains if I have blinds?

    We often get asked the question 'do curtains and blinds work together? ' The answer is, for the most part, 'yes' – when paired, the two can bring out a flexible décor and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control.

    How high do you hang 84 inch curtains?

    The length of the curtain dictates the height of the rod. If you buy 84-inch-long curtains, the rod must be mounted roughly 84 inches from the floor if the curtains hang from the rod without rings. This lets the hem of the curtains brush the floor.

    What size curtains do I need for a 60 inch window?

    For example, for a 60-inch window with two curtain panels, add 24 inches to 60 inches (window width) and divide by 2 (number of panels) to get 42 inches. The two panels ordered each need to be at least 42 inches wide.

    Which way do blackout curtains face?

    Feel the surface of blackout or dimout lining; one side will feel smooth, and one will feel rougher. The rough side is the right side, and it should orient to the road. (“Rough to the Road”).

    What kind of fabric is used for blackout curtains?

    Blackout curtains are commonly created with polyester or a combination of polyester and cotton. Heavy microfiber is an excellent fabric to use for blackout curtains, mainly if a triple-weave technology is used.

    What can I use for blackout curtains?

    How do I measure curtain width?

    For the width, take your steel tape measure and take the full length measurement of your pole or track. For pencil pleats on a track, measure the drop by starting from the top of the track, and for pencil pleats on a curtain pole, measure from the eye of the curtain rings (where you'll be hooking your curtains into).

    Should all curtains be the same length?

    Generally, you should avoid anything shorter than 96 inches, unless you have very low ceilings. When in doubt, go with longer curtains rather than a shorter, cut off length. If you can't find ready-made curtains that fit your home, you might need custom curtains.

    How many curtain panels do I need for a single window?

    Divide your total by the width of a single curtain panel to get the number of panels you need. ~ Multiply window width by 2.5 to 3 if you want curtains tightly gathered for a full, luxurious look. Divide your total by the width of a single curtain panel to get the number of panels you need.

    How many curtain panels do I need for a picture window?

    Draperies should be 2 1/2 to 3 times the width of the window. With double windows, plan on using at least two panels per window or four panels for a double-width picture window.

    Can I use one curtain panel per window?

    Most of the time, curtains come in pairs. For covering windows, however, single panel drapes have a variety of uses. Several single panels can be combined to curtain an extra-wide window economically. Small windows may need only a single panel, tied back for increased light, then hung straight for privacy.

    Do curtains make a room look bigger or smaller?

    Curtains absolutely can make a room look smaller or larger, depending on their design. Thick curtains and dark curtains are known for making a regular room look slightly smaller, while sheer curtains made of lightly-colored fabrics are ideal for helping to visually expand a room's size.

    Do curtains keep cold out?

    How Curtains Provide Insulation. Good curtains stop cold air from entering your home by creating an air gap between the room and the window. Ideally, they also prevent any flow of hot and cold air which would create a draft.

    What length should living room curtains be?

    If you are interested in stationary panels, you will want your curtains to be long enough to lightly brush the floor, but not so long that they bunch up in a pile. A good rule of thumb is for your curtains to break anywhere from a ¼” to ½” from the floor, similar to a break in pant legs on your shoe.

    How far from the ceiling should you hang curtains?

    If you have the space between the top of your window frame and the ceiling or crown molding, though, you should hang the rod over the window. I like to go 3 to 5 inches down from the ceiling. Doing this visually extends the length of your wall, making your ceiling look higher.

    How high should you hang curtains with 9 foot ceilings?

    In Closing. For a 9-foot ceiling, 96-inch curtain panels are typically a good fit. This allows you to hang curtains that reach the floor, with the rod placed one foot from the ceiling. If you prefer curtains that pool on the floor or curtains that hang higher, just pick the next size up.

    How far should a curtain pole extend past window?

    General Installation Recommendations. When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side. This allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window's edges.

    How long should curtains be for 7 foot ceilings?

    The height of your home's ceilings often determines the length of your curtain panels, as builders usually install taller windows in homes with higher ceilings. Ready-made curtains generally come in standard lengths: 84 inches for 8-foot ceilings, 96 inches for 9-foot ceilings and 108 inches for 10-foot ceilings.

    How high do you hang 84 inch curtains with grommets?

    If you are interested in a curtain with grommet tops, there will usually be an inch and half of fabric above the top of the grommet. Therefore, an 84 inch length curtain with grommet tops will have an actual hanging height of around 82.5 inches.

    How do you hang curtains to make a ceiling look higher?

    Hang Curtains High

    Hang curtains 4 - 8 inches above the window molding. This visually adds height to your room. Even in a room with low ceilings, hanging the rods a least half way between the molding and the ceiling will make your ceilings appear taller.

    Let's say you want standard, thick curtains to cover your 72-inch window. You'll want to look for curtains that measure between 144 and 180 inches wide. Bear in mind that this is the total width to aim for, not the width for each curtain if you intend to have two (one on either side).

    How Long Should Curtains Be? Floor-length is the way to go, unless there's a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready-made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. Measure from the floor to where you'll hang the rod, then round up.

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